Council Documents

Burial Ground Regulations adopted February 2018 Burial Grd Rules Regulations Adopted February 2018

Online Engagement & Communication Policy February 2018    BPC_Online_Engagement_Policy February 2018 (V5) 12.02.18

Audit Issues Report 2016-17 Copy

Annual Return – Final_6.10.17

Standing Orders adopted May 2017 BPC Standing Orders V1.1 April 2018

Code of Conduct  adopted May 2018  BPC Code of Conduct V1.3 April 2018

Financial Regulations adopted April 2018  BPC Financial Regulations V 1.0 April 2018

Complaints procedure adopted May 2018  BPC Complaints Procedure May 2018

Freedom of Information Policy adopted April 2018  Freedom of Information Policy V1.2 April 2018

Credit Control & Bad Debts policy adopted January 2017 credit-control-bad-debt-policy-january-2017

Annual Investment policy adopted February 2017 bpc-annual-investment-policy-february-2017

Notice of the Exercise of Public Rights Notice of Public Exercise of Rights to Accounts 2016-17

S137 Small Grants policy adopted February 2017 s137-grants-policy-v5-february-2017